About me

Kelly Stevenson is a graduate of OCAD University, and award winning artist based out of Blyth, Ontario. Stevenson’s work embraces the use of repeating characters and themes in an ongoing non-linear narrative. Often embracing an undertone of social and political commentary Stevenson has created work focused around the relationships between technology, religion, consumerism, history, violence, hope, innocence, the environment, mental illness, and human connections. Through her work she hopes to open a dialogue between the viewer, the work and society and also acts as a way for the artist to try and understand the world we live in. Due to her belief that art should be accessible to people regardless of their socioeconomic background she has embraced the creation of affordable work in the form of zines, prints, stickers, screen printed tote bags, t shirts, pins and cards in addition to her fine artwork.

Stevenson’s work typically utilizes simple black and white or greyscale imagery done in primarily ink or pen and marker. It’s graphic and controlled but retains a simple and naïve aesthetic. Taking inspiration from Henry Darger, children book illustrations, German woodblock prints, John Scott, outsider art and graphic novels, Stevenson has created a world inhabited by a series of ambiguous characters that allows her to explore and layout narratives exploring a number of subjects. Having moved back to small town Ontario she has been further influenced to capture some of the disappearing history and idyllic imagery of the rural landscape.